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I’m a Freelance Packaging Designer from Liverpool, UK. I create bespoke boxes and packages for all kinds of industries.

I have been working as a freelance packaging artworker for over 10 years when I began designing custom packaging for clients in the hair extensions & beauty industry, while hair & beauty is still my main source of packaging design work I have expanded into other industries such as health & fitness for clients such as Organic Sports Nutrition and food & beverage.

My packaging designs are always 100% bespoke and unique, you may see cheaper packaging design websites if you are searching Google for a freelance packaging designer but they mostly use pre-made templates and customise them.

I make sure your packaging is absolutely unique to you, every design decision is considered and strategically carried out after a thorough research and brainstorming process.

I work as a packaging designer for startups and other design agencies either remotely or if their office if I am available to do so, I work across Liverpool, Manchester, UK and Russia with a few months a year in Europe too usually in Prague & Budapest. Please don’t hesitate to check my availability.

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I don’t use templates, all my Packaging Designs are 100% bespoke and designed from a blank canvas. Sound.

I have worked as a freelance packaging designer for clients all over the World from hair extension clients in New York City and Brazil to health & nutrition startups in Birmingham & Liverpool. While I love designing bespoke packaging for hair & beauty products I have expanded into other markets over the last few years and I am looking into expand further into food & beverage packaging over the next few years.

I can also help out with printing your packaging, I have numerous contacts around the World who I have worked with in China, America & UK so depending on your budget & timeframes I can help out with your printing needs so you can look after your business and let me take care of everything.

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I’ll design packaging for anyone who pays me, but I do have love for certain industries…

Health & Fitness Packaging.

I helped sports supplement companies such as Organic Sports Nutrition with their bespoke packaging and had such a great time I am looking into working with more health & fitness clients.

Hair & Beauty Packaging

After helping Beauty Works become one of the largest hair extensions companies in the World by revamping their packaging I went on to help over 100 hair & beauty companies with their bespoke luxury packaging designs.

Kitchen & Dinner Ware

I worked with companies such as Kilners, Viners & Mason Cash on their packaging for their high end kitchen and dinner ware products and I am open to working with similar companies.

Electrical Product Packaging

After designing custom packaging for a couple of Vape companies as well as hair straighteners & curlers I am looking to get more into packaging for electrical products..


The Brief.

Tell me everything about your product and company. Give me examples of the style of packaging you are looking for or even show me examples of what you don’t want. If you are not sure what you are looking for then I can take full control or your designs, that’s what a good freelance packaging designer does.

Packaging Design.

The fun part, I will design 3 unique packaging designs to start with, delivered usually within 7-14 working days (I don’t rush). From there I am happy for you to give constructive feedback though it’s always for the best if you value my ideas than your spouse/family.

Interactive 3D.

One of my most requested features since I started my career as a freelance packaging designer is clients wanting to see their packaging designs in interactive 3D. Great news for you, I now showcase your packaging concepts in 3D so you can zoom in, rotate and view your design at any angle giving you a better idea of how the packaging will look.

Example of Interactive 3D Packaging

Packaging Deliverables.

Once your packaging is approved and everything is signed off I will send you the final files ready for print. I can liaise with your print company or if you need help sourcing printing then I can help out with that too. So even after your packaging has been finalised I am always available for any last minute drama. I love drama.