Case Studies / ONS: Organic Sports Nutrition

Organic Sports Nutrition are a UK based health supplements startup who needed a complete brand identity including packaging and web design… 

01 / Branding & Logo Design. 

I actually started the logo when the company was called Peak Nutrition but 3 months in to the project they were forced to rename their brand (always check your trademarks kids). Settling on ONS Organic Sports Nutrition I kept the main feel of the original design with the mountains and kept the main logo pretty simple.


02 / Packaging Design.

We probably spent the bulk of the project on the packaging design experimenting with all kinds of ideas from minimal and classy to more urban, adventurous designs. We decided to keep it relatively simple with a design that could easily be translated across their other products by just just changing the colour, I also designed a range of bottle capsule designs.

03 / E-Commerce Web Design

Organic Sports Nutrition wanted a visually appealing and user friendly website design using WooCommerce & WordPress. I used a heavily customised Divi theme and created bespoke templates so the website was 100% unique. How the website looked and worked on mobile devices was super important so I went with a mobile first approach. Pretty much everyone has raved about the website as a lot of similar companies have pretty awful websites

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