Case Studies / Maggie Fu

Liverpool startup restaurant Maggie Fu hired me to create a brand identity that would set them on the way to becoming a local favourite… 

01 / Branding & Logo Design. 

Maggie Fu wanted a brand & logo that was flexible across all media, they wanted a logo that worked with just a text only version as well as a secondary logo that would be used on their signage and t-shirts. The logo was designed so elements could be removed and used separately, sounds bloody complicated but the concept for their logo was approved pretty quickly. The general design was signed off and then it was just a case of creating and refining the icons to be used elsewhere such as the signage and t-shirts.


02 / Restaurant Signage Design.

Probably my favourite part f the job as it’s the one thing Iv’e never really done and I’ve always wanted to design signage for restaurants especially after watching too much Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (shout out to my homie Guy Fieri). So, after the logo and general branding assigned off I got to creating the signage with an enthusiasm no one has seen from me since I conceived my son (case study for that coming soon)

03 / Interior & Wall Design.

Oh man, this took a while, so we wanted something that was ‘instagramable’ (yeah, I said it) and something that hit you as soon as you walked into the restaurant as well as noticeable from outside so I went about creating a huge bloody wall mural where I was given pretty much free reign. In a rare moment of honesty from myself, a lot of the images on the wall were pre-designed (time/budget restraints) though I altered them a bit as well as created some of my own and I created all the typography elements. Anyway, I think it looks pretty slick and so does everyone else. Look at it and judge for yourself.

04 / Menu Design.

Designing a menu maybe the most underrated thing there is to design. Depending on the design, especially if you make something a bit more funky, if you have to change one little element it can mean having to change other elements of the design which then means changing nearly all if it so yeah it can be a bit of a pain in the arse. Either way this turned out pretty well and is actually the most photographed part of their restaurant.

05 / Single Page Web Design.

Why can’t all websites be 1 page? Life would be so much simpler. The Maggie Fu website was intended to be simple, no booking or reservation features, just a nice simple, visually attractive restaurant website with the ability to view/download their menu and an embedded Instagram feed. As always the website was designed in WordPress and I made use of a nice full screen splash page and large images throughout. Nice eh?


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