How I Designed Packaging for Hayley Tivendale Hair Extensions


Bespoke box packaging design for Hayley Tivendale Hair Extensions and their range of premium remy human hair.

Hayley Tivendale reached out to me after seeing my Packaging Design for Hair Extensions on social media, they wanted a custom box designed that would match their premium remy human hair extensions, so basically, premium packaging for a premium product. This job was completed real quick, not too many amends and pretty much done first time of asking, if only all packaging design jobs were so smooth…



Hayley Tivendale are a UK based supplier of luxury hair extensions and were not happy with their current package design which was honestly bloody awful, I mean a lot of hair extensions packaging is bad but this was really BAD. So they found my good self on the old Google search engine thing, saw my previous graphic design work for hair extensions and got in touch, I even replied pretty quickly and like Kylie & Jason we created magic.


I created an online mood board using Pinterest where we both pinned packaging styles we both liked, this is a great way to get in a clients head, even if its finding out what a client doesn’t like that can save me numerous hours not wasting my time designing packaging that the client just won’t like.

I designed 4 initial ideas, all where pretty dark based on their suggesting and Pinterest ideas with hints of colour representing the colours of their hair extensions. The only tricky part was experimenting with various fonts, I used a photo from Shutterstock as their budget did not stretch to hiring models & photographers.

There was only around 4 amends before final approval and myself and the clients really loved the final hair extensions packaging design. Cool story bro…..

wallet packaging hair extensions final mock design

We started off with designing some wallet style packages which are designed to fit the hair extenions without the need for folding the hair and they are easier for potential customers to see the actual hair

hayley tivendale packaging design hair extensions wallet style package

Close up of the wallet style package design, we created a custom pattern for the reverse based on their logo, the hair extensions will go over this section so we kept the design not too heavy as to distract from the hair

variations of initial box packaging designs for hair extensions company

We designed 8 various styles with various stock photographs for the packaging, 1 of these were quickly selected with not much fuss so we free to move on and just experiment with different fonts and minor adjustments.

final box package design for hayley tivendale

Here is the selected package box design, the back was kept pretty simple but myself and the client have had a lot f great feedback on the packaging and the majority of hair extensions clients who get in touch tend to mention this project as the kind of quality packaging they are looking at for their own hair brand.


Client:Hayley Tivendale Hair Extensions