July 2017 Planning to get outta here

Yeah I'm planning on go to Chiang Mai

July 2017 Planning To Get Outta Here
22/07/2017 Darren McChrystal

I spent the majority of July getting used to being back in Liverpool, then I realised I want to move on so decided to start planning to move to Chiang Mai in Thailand, apparently it’s the Digital Nomad capital of the World.

So my plan is to spend a few months in the UK, a few months in Russia then the rest in Thailand all the while making sure it doesn’t disrupt my work with regular clients, it rally shouldn’t as I always work my own hours and not the traditional 9-5 anyway.

Films & TV

So I treated myself to a couple of rest days to go to Fact Cinema, I love to go on my own because I’m a bit weird like that and as always I smuggle all my on food from Home & Bargain because I’m a bloody rebel.

Spiderman Homecoming

Yeah I enjoyed the hell out of this especially compared to the last 3 pieces of garbage (actually the Amazing Spiderman had some good moments)

War for the Planet of the Apes

I bloody love Monkeys, and I know they would love me and I loved the 1st 2 rebooted prequels with all my heart and I think I enjoyed this though I’m going to have to watch it again, the problem I have when going to the cinema is I eat too much damn sugar and get a massive sugar rush so its all a blur once I get out the cinema, but yeah I think I liked it though I was expecting the final scene to be the destruction of the statue of liberty.


I used to bloody love Wrestling, and I don’t just mean when I was a kid, i loved it until my 30’s but started losing interest when I got more into UFC and the general product went shit (bloody terrible scripted promos etc, the actual match quality seems great) and I still love women, so a show featuring women and wrestling seems right up my street.

It was OK, I laughed a couple of times, episodes were about 30 minutes which is perfect for my ever decreasing attention span (I really need to start switching my phone off) and yeah it featured some pretty ladies and featured Kate Nash’s breasts for all your breast fans out there.


I have been watching a shit load of YouTube videos about moving to Thailand and in particular Chiang Mai, I think the YouTube generation gets a lot of sick and ridicule (often deservedly) but by and large the videos have been nothing but incredibly helpful and have really put a full stop on my decision to move to Thailand.

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