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Floating My Boat July 2016
19/08/2016 Darren McChrystal

July was pretty much me trying to get back in the work done after a few months relaxing.

There seemed to be a ton of the good stuff that I caught up with in July though my damn iPad broke which stopped me from going through a lot of comics and magazines.


stranger things

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this Netflix show, it’s pretty much like John Carpenter, Spielberg & Stephen King got in a room together in the 80’s and made a tv show just for me. If you are wondering who designed that boss artwork above its by Kyle Lambert.

One of my pet hates from modern film scores is that they all blend into one another and I love John Carpenter style electric synth scores and this has one of the best scores I’ve ever heard, from the opening theme onwards.

Incidentally the theme is by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein from a band called S U R V I V E (for more about them see below). Soundtrack should be available now but as of this time it ain’t on Spotify (boo) but it is on Apple Music, apparently its getting release in 2 volumes on CD, vinyl and even cassette to keep with that old school 80’s feel.

By the way, check out this awesome Stranger Things inspired mix by DJ Yoda.

I will be working an a Stranger Things Artwork blog for Mass Appeal Designs in the coming weeks too, so yeah, get excited for that.


Finally, after 2 seasons I started watching Gomorrah and ploughed through season 1 on Amazon Prime in 3 days, it really is as great as people say. I know a lot of people (especially people I know) don’t dig subtitles but I find it forces you to concentrate more and stat off your phone.

Like Stranger Things, Gomorrah also has a real good score, this time by Mokadelic. Though it also has some terrible Euro Pop that the characters listen to, it’s like Eurovision style badness. Do all Europeans have terrible taste in music, I know my wife does.