Back in 2012 I went on a very last minute trip to Cuba as I was desperate for a break after almost 6 years continuous working.

For various reasons it was a life changing experience, I met my future wife, who also let me impregnate her which resulted in me moving to Russia. My working life changed too resulting in me becoming a mobile designer and leaving the confines of an office, either way I bloody loved Cuba. Take a look at some photos, as with all oldish photos they may suffer from some heavy instagram filters.


No better way to end the day than chilling on the beach

hello ladies

I was not following this local lady by the way, just taking photos

beach cuba

I love taking photos of people when there not looking at me, its the fear of getting caught


Sometimes the roads of Cuba are really empty at night, everyone seems to scarper before the bad people come

cuban car

Does anyone go to Cuba and not take photos of cars?

real estate

Who would live in a house like this?

cuban street

This is from a rare excursion into the real, tourist free Cuba, not much going on really is there?

cuban pen robber

This cheeky mofo borrowed my pen then refused to give it back, I got it back eventually though, nice guy though, never kept in touch.

cuba beach

Not exactly the nicest part of the beach

cuba beach

More taking photos of people unaware

cuban cars

Yeah another Cuban car with a sprinkling of street art

street art

Love the street art in Cuba

street art

You see this guy a lot in Cuba, no idea who he is like but the locals seem to like him and tourists like to buy mugs with his face on

street art

Viva Cuba Libre

street art

No clue what it all means, probably should have asked someone

beer not on my own

Free drinks all day and all night makes for a lot of empties

beer on my own

I do like having a little drink on my own

my wife

I needed up marrying this girl

building cuba

I’m guessing its a church


Another beer


Where the hell is everyone, this is in the afternoon


Nothing to say really, they must be important to have a statue made of them

beer label

Beer labels are just boss


2 old crazy people dancing


Massage parlour

cally 62

One of the few bars I went to which weren’t part of our hotel


Taxiiiiiii, I never went in one of these things


Even in Cuba you can’t get away from The Beatles


I risked my life taking this photo, wasn’t worth it really


Looks lovely

restaurant signage

Place didn’t look particularly inviting but the signage is nice

cuban menu

I hate fish


How tranquil


Cant recall anything about this photo


Not the most inviting massage parlour I’ve ever seen, not that I’ve seen many


Not too sure what to say really


Introducing my feet, I have lovely toe’s to be fair


Ladies posting or dancing


Is it a devil?


My mates kid watching the singers

me looking moody and creepy

Me trying to look all moody and mysterious

drunk talk

Drunken chats


Got to be honest this is a really boring photo


This girl was clearly checking me out, but you just ain’t my type love


How may pics of beer have I put here?


Yeah another beer

view from hotel

View from my hotel

cuban beach

Its a beach obviously

beach house cuba

Nice house

cuban cars

Oh its another car, car lovers will love Cuba

castle maybe

I thought this was off the Everton badge, but its not


This seems to go underground, I’m sure there is a story for this

cuban cars

I think the A-Team could do some serious damage with this thing