Photo Journeys

  • Winter in Moscow Part 2

    This is me in Russia November 2016, oh what a joyous experience it was.

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  • Moscow in Winter Part 1

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  • A Walk Through Liverpool

    Come with me as I take a little walk through Liverpool one fine afternoon

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  • Dont Open Dead Inside

    Liverpool Street Art & Graffiti

    Photos of street art and graffiti in Liverpool, just me and my trusty iPhone

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  • street art

    Darren in Cuba

    Back in 2012 I went to Varadero, Cuba. In various ways it was a life changing trip. Boss though.

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  • sean star wars

    My Geeky Mate Sean’s Star Wars Photos from Hong Kong

    My mate Sean is a bigger geek than me and he sent me these photos from Hong Kong of a Star Wars exhibition which sadly won’t be around if or when I ever visit the baldy muppet.

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  • moscow-underground1

    Joys Of The Moscow Metro

    I have a love/hate relationship with the Moscow underground, though the regulars seem to just stick with the hate.

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  • moscow14


    Moscow can be a pretty cold, grey and joyless place to look at, but its miserableness can make for some decent photos.

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  • spartak moscow design


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