Best links and cool geek stuff of august 2015

Best links and cool geek stuff of august 2015
13/11/2015 Darren McChrystal

August was so stressful I didn’t finish this till November

August has been a stressful bloody month working on various websites and packaging designs for clients all over the world which means working crazy hours to placate peoples timezones and also trying to fit in time with a 2 year old boy who is evolving into something potentially devastating yet beautiful, that being said there was a lot of cool stuff that kept me going through August, while not necessarlly being released this month. As ever I have put some of the best links I’ve come across which cover graphic and web design as well as all kinds of random stuff, as well as the usual geek nonsense…. Let’s do it

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Kodi (app)

With travelling and not being particularly settled enough to get Sky TV and getting truly fed up with crappy online streams that had the picture quality of my dads porn collection from the 80’s I stumbled across Kodi on the mac which gives me access to all the football and UFC I need as well as TV shows and movies, my life has generally improved by 54% since I got it, it takes little while to set up and a few Google tutorials but its pretty bloody awesome. Check it out at

Agent Carter (tv)

While waiting for The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones I’m catching up with the TV I’ve missed. Agent Carter is that pretty British lady from Captain America in her very own hit tv show and its pretty great if you like your old school noir type stuff with a hint of sci-fi.