Hello. Is there anything more boring than reading about someone? Why am I even bothering writing this? Anyway. for the very few who read this I am Freelance Graphic Designer from Liverpool working all over the World.


I have no hair but what I lack folical wise I more than make up with being able to make shit look nice. I work across various industries but my main area is hair & beauty and health & fitness, currently I’m expanding into bars & restaurants as seen by my work for Maggie Fu.

I am location indecent, you can call me a digital nomad if you want but really I just hate being stuck in 1 place all day, I work best when I move around. I split my time between Liverpool, Moscow (long story), Budapest & Thailand (no, I ain’t one of them guys).

When I’m in Liverpool I have no problem working in clients offices even for clients in surrounding areas such as Manchester as long as you promise to go easy with the Scouse jokes.

Actually I’m bored now so will finish this page some other day.