I’m Darren McChrystal…

I’m a self taught Freelance Graphic Designer from the beautiful city of Liverpool. I design Websites in WordPress, I create Packaging for Hair & Beauty companies and I help startups with their Branding. I was also the 1st person to be served in the Aldi on Smithdown Road….


I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer from Merseyside in the North West of England. For over 10 years I have been helping companies and startups around the World with their Branding & Web Design. 

freelance graphic designer liverpool hair & beauty brandingI am also a Freelance Packaging Designer for hair extensions companies in UK & USA. Currently I split my time between Liverpool & Moscow…

Awesome companies around the World have trusted me to be their regular Freelance Graphic Designer. I love creating memorable Brands and I do that by designing superior Freelance Packaging Design, Branding, WordPress/Woocommerce Website Design & Digital Marketing for small to medium size companies in Liverpool, Cheshire, Manchester, London, Moscow…. You get the point. If you don’t then basically I’m one of Liverpools leading graphic designers with a global client base.

My graphic design portfolio showcases work for regular clients & entrepreneurs who outsource graphic & web design projects to me on a regular basis. My most popular service is Packaging & Brand Identity Design for Hair Extension companies around in the UK & USA but I also have experience in branding for the travel & fitness industry among many others.

I love to work with Liverpool and North West startups and companies who could do with a total rebrand solution. I am also the founder & lead designer at Liverpool design agency Mass Appeal Designs as well as hair & beauty branding agency Massxo.



      Obviously you want to know what my favourite 80’s movies are, well here are some of the things that make me tick…

      Films: Dawn of the Dead, Donnie Darko, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Lost Boys, Near Dark, Indiana Jones (not the last one), The Exorcist, It Follows, The Goonies, The Nice Guys.

      Music: Boards of Canada, Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Gangstarr, Public Enemy, Uncle Tupelo, Aphex Twin

      Books: I Am Legend, The Road, lots of Stephen King (Salems Lot especially), His Dark Materials, A Song of Ice and Fire, Lord of the Rings.

      Comics: Y: The Last Man, Watchmen, Saga, X-Men (the early stuff), The Walking Dead.

      TV: Stranger Things, Ozark, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead (I ain’t afraid of saying the obvious stuff). The Wire, Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica (the new one), Breaking Bad, The Shield, The Simpsons (first 10 seasons, ain’t watched it for years)