Hello You. I’m a Freelance Graphic Designer from Liverpool working remote between UK & Moscow
Currently: Self Isolating In Liverpool working on packaging and branding for regular clients. Available for new projects

Looking for a creative Freelance Graphic Designer who works remote? Well that’s me, and Brand Identity, Packaging & Web Design is my thing… 


There’s a lot of awful graphic designers out there and finding a good one can involve a lot of heartache and luck, so however you found my website today is definitely your lucky day.
I’m a remote Liverpool Graphic Designer with shit loads of experience helping mostly awesome clients around the World with their Branding, Packaging & Web Design. I split my time working and living between the UK & Russia with trips to Europe & Thailand I between.
Primarily, I work on Brand Identities, Packaging & WordPress Websites for health & fitness, hair & beauty and bars & restaurants. The majority of my work comes from word of mouth and my design portfolio, the majority of my freelance design work is for a regular core of clients that I surprisingly like and have no problem meeting for a beer (or a decaf coffee if I’m in a professional mood). I also work as a freelance packaging designer for major health & beauty brands.
So, if you have an exciting design project, or a boring one with a big budget and need a regular freelance graphic designer or just need to get rid of money then let’s have a chat physically or digitally.