I’m a UK based Freelance Packaging Designer with over 10 years experience creating beautiful, bespoke Package, Label & Box Design for clients worldwide in industries such as Hair, Beauty, Cosmetics & Kitchen… 

I design beautiful, custom Packaging Design for a wide range of clients in the UK & America. I have built a reputation for designing superior, bespoke, visually stunning Packaging for clients in the ultra competitive hair extensions industry as well as hair & beauty products such as straighteners, curlers & boxes.



I am currently expanding my packaging design skills into food, wine and kitchen products for clients such as RayWare. I can design Packages, Labels & Boxes for any industry you can think of so if you want a high-end Freelance Packaging Designer who loves what they do, get in touch and give me money…

hair-beauty-packaging-designAs the founder of Liverpool Branding Agency Mass Appeal Designs we became the industry leaders when it came to designing beautiful bespoke package & box design for the hair extensions industry and 99% of our packaging design jobs were for the extensions industry with clients in the UK, USA and everywhere in between who discovered our work via our social media feeds and through Google.

All Packaging is custom designed from scratch so each design is unique to you

Now I also offer our Packaging Design services on a freelance basis. I can’t believe this didn’t make the news. When I design packaging for my clients I want the package design to be able to stand side by side the biggest brands in the World. I don’t just churn out designs as quickly as possible to quickly get paid, I treat every package design job as if it where for my own company. Its about being proud of what  I do and there is no better feeling than seeing clients achieve their dreams and become successful.

So, if you are looking for a Freelance Packaging Designer who knows what they are doing please do not hesitate to get in touch…


Hair extension companies love me, using me as their regular freelance packaging designer as well all other aspects of graphic & web design. I love helping hair & beauty companies with their branding…


How I Design Packaging?

A lot of my clients find me via my freelance packaging portfolio as my packaging designs appeal to a largely female demographic though I can also appeal to dudes too (a lot of my packaging tends to have pictures of pretty ladies, i love pretty ladies, I even married one).

variations of initial box packaging designs for hair extensions company

I love to combine nice, effective imagery/photos with intelligent  and stylish use of typography that results in timeless packaging design that can appeal to your chosen demographic. Whether you require packaging in a box shape, carton, sleeve, wallet ……. anything you can think of, I am the freelance packaging designer you dream of….. thats probably going a bit far but clients do tend to love me. I’m not even going to mention the numerous Chinese companies who use my work to promote their printing services to attract customers, naughty boys.

I have also designed packaging for the Rayware Group which includes famous brands such as Mason Cash, Kilner & Viners which you can see in stores such as John Lewis.

I work as Freelance Packaging Designer for the following industries…

While I offer my freelance packaging design services for pretty much any industry there is I definitely have industries I’m pretty popular in. I love a challenge so if you are not seeing the type of packaging you are looking for then just give me a shout. Anyway, here are my top 5, enjoy…

Hair Extensions Packaging

hair extension package design mocks

For 10 years I have been a freelance packaging designer for clients in the hair extensions industry, no matter whether you are based in the UK, USA, Europe or anywhere else in the World, I will help your hair extensions business become a truly great company

Hair Products Packaging


I design Packaging for hair products such as hair straighteners, hair curlers and hair brushes, basically if you require Packaging for any type of hair product then I will design you beautiful packages, boxes, sleeves….. you get the point.

Food Packaging

A fairly new industry for me but one I am incredibly excited about, obviously I love food, I love Packaging so why not combine 2 passions of mine and offer it as a services. I design Packaging that attracts the eye, that makes your competition scared.

Alcohol & Beverages

Another new service, I design Packaging for wine, beer, tea, coffee….. you know the score. It gives me a chance to design Packaging that can be truly awesome & unique and as its an incredibly crowded market you need your Packaging design to look on point.

Electrical Items

I design stunning Packaging for electrical items such as headphones, hair products and well basically anything that is electric. Electrical products require standard symbols and warning and I can help out with that so if you need awesome packaging, hola at me.

I was the regular freelance graphic designer for Beauty Works and I helped them become one of the biggest hair extensions companies in the World and it all started with the packaging…


Let’s get your Packaging started:

I need to know how many unique packaging designs you need, your industry, target demographic, where your products will be sold. styles you like, styles you don’t like, budget and if you have a print company to print the packaging….. basically tell me everything